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ERG in The Community

We Rise By Lifting Others

Community is the backbone of our business.

Our efforts to help families and small businesses have a direct impact on the communities they exist within.

Over the years we’ve participated in many local and national events to support schools and charitable organizations with donations of time, money, and good old elbow grease when needed.

While that’s a good start, we can do more.

That’s why we’ve created our “Charity of The Month” program.

Each month, we’ll pick a cause or organization from our growing list of charities to support.

The donation type may be time, some type of service, or a financial contribution.


We will invite our community of friends and clients to help us in our efforts. 

Below you’ll find some of the organizations we’ll be working with.

Please contact us to learn more or nominate a cause.

But don’t wait for us, feel free to donate to one of them today! There is truly strength in numbers.

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