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Tips On Buying A Home

Despite all the technology available to today’s buyer, purchasing a home can be quite complex and quality, helpful insight is more valuable now than ever. This collection of videos and news articles is your personal guide for all things related to home buying.

HomeBuyer Resources Articles

What Buyers Should Look For in a Contract

Homebuying Mistakes to Avoid

Buying After A Divorce

Why You Haven't Found A Home & How To Fix That

3 Things to Never Compromise on When Buying

Complications of Buying As A Couple

8 of the Most Important Costs When Buying

7 Small Flaws That Could Spell Big Repairs For Buyers

How To: Make Your Home Inspection Pay Off

8 Ways to Cash In on a Hot Market

4 Slick phrases Sellers Use To Lure In Buyers


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Why Buy With Me

Protection, knowledge and experience are your greatest assets when purchasing a home. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect when you Hire Us to Help You Buy Home.


We work with you to create a game plan.

While Big Tech would have you think otherwise, buying a home is a bit more nuanced than any other purchase most people make. How often do you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars? Exactly. We respect the purchase you’re making and therefore take the time to meet with you to discuss how we need to approach the market to meet your specific goals.


We explain the process.

When we meet, we walk you through the process and help you understand the role Licensed Real Estate Consultants play in today’s market when working with Home Buyers.


We provide home field advantage.

Our agents didn’t just move here and get licensed. We’re born and raised in the DC area. As such, we can offer you insight on the past, present, and future potential of dozens of neighborhoods around town.


We help you identify good financing options.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with just about every local home buying program as well as the major of the local and national mortgage lenders. We have a network of trusted lending professionals who can provide you with the loan, rate and terms that best meet your needs.


We prepare you for battle.

We find it best to tell folks the truth instead of sugar coating things. Depending on where you want to live and what type of home you’re looking to purchase, you may find yourself competing against other buyers. We discuss the challenges today’s buyers may face so that you can be prepared for what lies ahead. This knowledge will allow you to make an offer for the home of your choice from a position of strength.


We respect your time.

By performing a needs analysis upfront, we identify the features and amenities that are most important in your future home. We use that knowledge to qualify homes against your criteria and only tour the ones that meet your needs because we value your time and don’t want to waste it by showing you homes you don’t want to live in.


We manage the journey from contract to closing.

After we find the home, successfully agree to terms and ratify the contract, the real work begins. From here, we manage the process to get you from contract to the closing table. This stage involves a long list of professionals integral to your success including home inspectors, pest-control companies, contractors, property-owners associations, appraisers, surveyors, insurance providers, mortgage lenders and attorneys.


We strive to do more and invite you to help us.

Before, during, and after the home purchase, we invite you to join us in our increasing efforts to have an impact in the community. Our growing list of charities (on our ERG In The Community Page) provides a variety of options for you to choose from whenever you feel compelled to pay it forward.

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