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HomeOwner Resources

Tips On Selling A Home

With the market constantly changing, quality, helpful insight is more valuable now than ever.

Consider this collection of videos and news articles your personal guide for all things related to selling a home.

HomeOwner Resources Articles

How To Avoid Home Improvement Scams

How To: Win Over Pet Owners When Selling

10 Moves 2 Make B4 Putting Ur Home on the Market

7 Mistakes Sellers Make Because Of Reality TV

Could Installing This Tile Hurt Your Chances of Selling?

7 Renovations With The Most Bang For Your Buck

6 Extremely Costly Home Renovation Myths To Avoid

Why Fall is a Good Time to Sell a Home

How To: Buy & Sell At The Same Time

1 Thing That'll Make or Break How People Feel About Your House

How To: Create a Show-Stopping Media Room in Your Home


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Have A Question?

How We Help HomeSellers

Data, technology, and good old fashioned grit have shaped our approach to selling homes over the years.

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect when you Hire Us To Sell Your Home.


We work with you to create a game plan.

We begin by creating a strategy specifically catered to sell your home. We recognize that every home is different, so our plan to market it should be as well.


We practice Narrative Home Marketing.

Knowing that your home and your experiences in it differ from your next door neighbor, we work with you to create a narrative that highlights the uniqueness and character the home possesses.


We get ready for the dance.

As we prepare for the big day when your home debuts to the public, we look to do everything possible to make it shine (inside and out). This process may involve visual and physical inspections/assessments as well as the completion of outstanding maintenance and repairs (as needed), moving, cleaning, staging, etc. We focus on what’s important, work within your budget, and do all we can to give the home mass appeal.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Once the home is ready, we bring in the camera crew. HD photo and video shoots provide us with enticing content to help spread the word about your home to every buyer in the market.


We dig deep into the data.

We analyze market data to determine everything from the ideal sale price range, the number of days on market before we’ll receive an offer, the ideal buyer profile for your home, and more. Every decision we make is backed by information.

We execute real marketing outside of the MLS.

We understand that the vast major of buyers first see a home online before
deciding if they’ll pursue it further. That’s why we execute an aggressive full scale visual graphic & video advertising campaign that targets everyone considering buying a home like yours across the entire digital landscape to capture the attention of every buyer from DC to Denmark.

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